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It is exciting as a full service generator dealer that we can provide service to any and all generator makes and models. Whether you are on land, travel by sea, or your perspective is an aerial view, we can service the generator. As we would love to have the ability to service you in the air, unfortunately you will have to land the aircraft for us to service it, and we appreciate your understanding in this matter.
Please note that the images below are intended to represent a short list of the most commonly requested service calls in the field and not a complete list of generator manufacturers that we service. Please call our offices to schedule a service call on your generator today!
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Maintaining Your Generators Serviced by New England Generator

Remember you have a system that generates electricity and burns fuel in the process. It's an engine, like your car it has many moving parts along with a power generation system. Would you let your car go months, maybe years without having your oil changed, tires rotated, windshield wipers replaced? Your generator, like your car requires preventative maintenance. With that being said based on the make, model and size, there are few things you should know about the maintenance of your new generator.

Property Owners Responsibility

  1. Keep the generator free and clear of all snow and debris
  2. Check the oil regularly;(Warning do not overfill) keep extra oil on hand to add if needed. Click here to view the “How To” page.
  3. If propane or diesel fueled ensure adequate fuel supply
  4. You should know how to obtain the error code from the generator in the event of troubleshooting as well as be capable of resetting the controller on your generator. This is something that the technician would have gone over with you at the time of installation. You can also refer to the owner's manual for instruction as well.

To Be Completed By A Certified Technician

  1. Yearly or bi-annual maintenance
  2. Trouble Shooting
  3. Taking apart or disassembling any part of the generator
Please call our offices with any questions that you may have about service, trouble shooting and yearly preventative maintenance.

Troubleshooting Your Generator

There are a couple of questions you may want to ask yourself before calling so that we can best assist you.

Did it perform its last scheduled weekly cycle?

If you don't know this and question the ability of the generator to run, take a look at the display as it should have some indication as to whether it is ready to go, in standby mode, or it could potentially produce or display an error code.

Is there an error code or issued displayed on the unit?

Most units have the ability to display some sort of error code. It may be just a code “22” or could be more in detail as to “Low Oil Shutdown” depending on the make and model of the generator these messages can vary in detail. Either way we can better assist you with getting the matter resolved.

Do you have adequate fuel supply?

It is important to ensure that you have adequate fuel supply for the generator. Would your car travel far without gas? Check the levels of your Propane tanks, ensure adequate diesel fuel supply, with Natural Gas you have no need to worry.

Is it free and clear of snow & debris?

In order for the generator to run efficiently, proper ventilation is required. The most common issue in the winter is the inevitable snow drifts. Be sure to clear away any snow that may prohibit proper ventilation to the unit. During non-winter months the occasional unpruned landscaping or during the fall months, leaf backup could even cause the issue of poor ventilation.
The examples above are not intended to depict every scenario possible. However it is most important for you to obtain as much information as you can from the situation, so that we can better assist you in getting the problem resolved. It is most important to call us at your earliest convenience with any issues so that we can address in a timely fashion.