Portable generator Sales in Pembroke, MA

The generator manual transfer switch eliminates the need to run extension cords to appliances, and allows back-up of hard-wired appliances like the furnace or water heater.
Pre-wired for easy, inexpensive installation, back up the most important lights, appliances, and hard-wired items with a portable generator during a power outage.
  • Back up lights and appliances (up to 7500 Watts)
  • Protect 6 circuits now, and expand to 10 circuits as needs change
  • Position like a subpanel (flush or surface mount) inside the home or garage
  • Install more easily with included wiring harness
  • Use with any portable generators equipped with a 30A twist-lock outlet
Portable Generator Diagram — Generator service company in Pembroke, MA

Included with Transfer Switch Kit:

  • 30A surface mount
  • Cord 10” 10/4 with L14-30 ends
  • Power Inlet Box: 30A resin (must be hard wired)
  • Install manual, wiring harness, conduit and fittings, wire connectors