Generator installation & repair in Pembroke, MA

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to install a Residential Emergency Home Standby generator?
How much fuel does a Residential Emergency Home Standby generator use?
What is the expected life of the engine?
Where can I purchase parts?
Propane tanks are usually rated by pounds. Is there a conversion that can be applied to the fuel consumption numbers?
What is the process I will have to go through to get a generator installed and ready for back-up?
What should I consider when choosing a generator?
How much outdoor space do I need for the generator?
What is included with the generator?
Will there be any other costs that I might incur?
Does a generator need maintenance?
What type of fuel is best?
What size generator do I need?
What if I am not home and the power goes out—Is there anything I need to do?
How do I convert AMPS to kW or KVA?
What are standby generators?
How do standby generators work?
Are standby generators safe?
How loud are standby generators?
How many types of Generators are there?
When does the generator exercise?
How much will it cost to run?
How long does it take for my power system to turn on when a power outage occurs?
How long does it take to turn off after the power comes back on?
How large is a residential backup generator?
Will this product increase the value of my home?
How long will my system run in the case of an extended power outage?
What do I have to do to take care of my power system once it is installed?
Can I run a computer or other sensitive electronic equipment off the generator during a power outage?
What does Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) do for me?
What’s the difference between running and starting watts?
What is the difference between portable and automatic standby generator systems?
Do I need to ground my generator?
Can I run the generator inside my home or garage?
Why is an emergency generator system so important for my business?
What is a manual transfer switch?
Can I open my main disconnect breakers and connect my generator to a receptacle?
Is it okay to build an enclosure around my portable generator?
How much fuel do the generators use during normal operation? At exercise?
Will my fuel bill increase from the generator exercising?
Can the flexible fuel line that is included with the generator be bent or angled?
Can the load center switches be mounted outside?
What is the required water column for installation?
How large of a concrete slab do I need for a liquid-cooled unit?
Why should I buy a home standby generator instead of a portable generator?
What is the difference between air cooled and liquid cooled generators?
Can these units be used for medical back-up?
Will the generator back-feed into the house or power lines when it is running or transferring?